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As of January 2019 the European Precious Metals Federation (EPMF) restructured to integrate the Precious Metals & Rhenium Consortium (PMC).

Building on the credibility of both organisations, EPMF is henceforth the body for advocacy and member support. The PMC, launched in 2006 with the objective to comply with REACH registration, was dissolved on 31 December 2018.

“The new EPMF will serve as centre of excellence in chemicals management and be a strong advocacy body to address the future challenges of the precious metals industry,”  Dr. Heinz-Günter Schenzel, President.  

The REACH registration process was finalised in June 2018, an important milestone for the PMC and the EPMF. The integration was a natural step to ensure that REACH/chemicals management remains a core focus of the EPMF and ensures continuity of PMC-related activities while moving from the phase of registration to that of risk management.

As the single body for advocacy, the EPMF facilitates the interface between policy makers, regulatory authorities and the precious metals industry.   

The added value of the new structure will be ad hoc support based on a tailor-made approach via platforms and projects to address their specific needs within the highly diverse precious metals industry. At the same time, the rationalisation of the governance system will lead to more efficient  management and use of resources.

Dr. Heinz-Günter Schenzel, the newly elected President, is General Manager of C. HAFNER.  Previously, he managed business units at both Degussa and Umicore. He has served as a member of the Management Committee of PMC since 2012.

EPMF Vice President, Dr. ir. Wouter Ghyoot, is Group Director, Sustainable Value Chain for the Umicore Group.  He has held various positions within Umicore including the responsibility to implement REACH.  He also served as Regulatory Affairs Manager on secondment to the Nickel Institute for two years.

In additional to REACH, the focus areas of EPMF include Chemicals Management (EHS, occupational health, etc.), Sustainability including Circular Economy, responsible sourcing and due diligence, and trade and taxes.

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