EPMF Silver Workshop

10:30-16:30 – Sheraton Hotel Brussels National Airport

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Our EPMF workshop on the proposed classification of silver and silver compounds recently submitted by KEMI (the Swedish Chemicals Agency) will take place on 7 November.

KEMI’s proposal is to classify silver metal and silver nitrate as:
• Skin Sens. 1, H317
• Muta. 2, H341
• Repr. 1B, H360FD
• Aquatic Acute 1, M-factor=10 (powder <1mm) and M-factor=1000 (powder <0.0001mm)
• Aquatic Chronic 1, M-factor=10 (powder <1mm) and M-factor=100 (powder <0.0001mm)

This classification has been proposed in the context of the Biocidal Products Regulation but will apply to other regulations (e.g.: REACH) and other applications (e.g.: jewellery, electronics, solar energy etc.) as well which will have important consequences on silver and silver compounds business.

The aims of this first EPMF workshop are:
• to brief you on the status of the issue
• to better understand the consequences of such a type of classification on your business
• to prepare for the public consultation on the classification proposal
• to present EPMF overall strategy to ensure a sound science classification
• to build a strong network to address this new challenge

We look forward to seeing you on 7 November! Please feel free to circulate this invitation to your network and colleagues interested in this silver issue.

Full Agenda Below!

10:00: Registration

10:30: Introduction, objectives, rules (EPMF)
Goals and objectives of the session
Agenda/Rules of the day

10:45: State of play (EPMF/RPPA)
Current status and process of CLH, key actors, agenda and downstream regulatory impacts

11:30: Breakout sessions

What are the impacts on DUs? (EPMF)
How are the suppliers/DU relationships in your sector? Is there good knowledge of chemicals legislation in your sector? What support do you need from EPMF on these technical issues?
What is the public perception of your use? Does the communication strategy need to be tailored to the structure/culture in your sector?

How should we work together? (RPPA)
In what format and frequency? How to build the leadership? How do we communicate amongst ourselves? How do we coalesce interests of the DUs and/or suppliers/manufacturers?

Outreach (RPPA)
What are our key advocacy goals? Who and when to meet? Identification third parties – upstream/downstream, political opponents and their likely activities
Messaging and media strategy

12:30: Lunch

13:15: Breakout sessions presentations by rapporteurs
DU impact rapporteur
Coalition building rapporteur
Outreach rapporteur

14:30: Impact assessment (EFTEC)
An Impact assessment of the classification will be conducted by EPMF with the support of EFTEC. The project will be presented including a description of the way forward and support needed from the DUs.

15:30: How do we move forward / wrap up (RPPA)
Outline of results and mapping next steps
Outline of resources needed moving forward

16:30: Close of meeting

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