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Since 2009, the European Precious Metals Federation has supported European companies working with gold, silver, rhenium, and the six metals referred to as the Platinum Group which includes platinum, palladium, osmium, rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium.

Our 35 Member Companies and 3 national associations include world leaders in extraction, refining, and recycling of precious metals. They also include a highly-diverse range of companies involved in consumer and industrial applications that touch the lives of European citizens from jewelry to financial investments to the mobile phones in their pockets to the catalytic converters in their vehicles to the solar panels and rapid chargers at their homes.

As the European body for advocacy, the EPMF facilitates the interface between policy makers, regulatory authorities, and the precious metals industry on a wide range of issues.

It is a centre of excellence in chemicals management, a position assured through the integration of the Precious Metals & Rhenium Consortium in January 2019. Risk management is a core focus of EPMF for REACH and other regulatory issues such as Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS), and Occupational Health.

EPMF also supports REACH compliance by third parties – manufacturers and importers of all sizes. Through a Letter of Access process, EPMF seeks to ensure that the same data sets are available for use for the same substance in all jurisdictions and for all regulations.

The specific needs of the highly diverse precious metals industry are addressed via platforms and projects within EPMF. Our Members strive to maintain European leadership on Responsible Sourcing and Due Diligence, Trade, Taxes, and Sustainability and the push towards a Circular Economy. Precious metals are rare and Europe’s future depends on the intelligent use and re-use of these unique materials.

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