Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

The European Commission published a Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability on 14 October 2020. It is the first step towards a zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment announced in the European Green Deal. The Strategy aims to boost innovation for safe and sustainable chemicals, and increase protection of human health and the environment against hazardous chemicals. It also aims to establish a simpler ‘One Substance – One Assessment (OSOA)’ process for the risk and hazard assessment of chemicals. The series of actions, including REACH and CLP revisions, are falling under the scopes of Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.

What is EPMF’s position?

Precious metals highly contribute to the EU Green Deal goals, including circular economy, clean air, sustainability. They are indispensable for modern society and are used in many sectors, such as electronics and electrical equipment , automotive and aerospace, medicine and medical devices, jewellery, cosmetics. Therefore, the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and roadmaps of REACH and CLP will have a strong impact on the precious metals industry.

The EPMF strongly believes that the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability should introduce a Sustainable Chemicals Management approach that is built on two pillars:

More details in the EPMF Position Papers on REACH Revision and CLP Revision:

The EPMF comments are complementary to the Eurometaux’s response to the public consultations on the Inception Impact Assessment (IIA) on the Revision of REACH and CLP. The responses can be found here and here.