Membership Benefits

One Organisation, One Voice

Companies who join the EPMF demonstrate their commitment to constructively influence issues in Europe in a comprehensive manner to improve sustainability, manage risk, and maintain competitiveness of the industry and its downstream customers. The EPMF speaks with one voice on behalf of their members and organises contributions to regulatory and scientific debates in an efficient and cohesive manner.

Members have the possibility to join events organised between the EPMF and the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European Chemicals Agency of which the EPMF is an accredited stakeholder. Representing the consolidated views, scientific knowledge, and diversity of its members, the EPMF is the primary interface for the European precious metals sector for other industry partners, regulators, politicians, NGOs, academics, scientists. EPMF focuses on the issues that concern their members from chemical safety to recycling to competitiveness.

Network for Sharing Knowledge and Building Capacity

All members receive informational newsletters from EPMF and also Eurometaux to help stay up-to-date on developments that could affect the industry and its downstream clients. Members have free access to the Risk Register which outlines potential regulatory threats in a comprehensive manner. Access to data is based on a system in which members pay an additional fee only for the data they want and may join the relevant platform of company experts.

Members can participate in the existing Work Groups and platforms where knowledge, experience, and expertise of industrial experts is shared within a framework of confidentiality and respect for Competition Law. The EPMF is a is flexible organisation that can easily address new challenges. Any member can initiate a new Work Group or platform with the support of two other interested members.

Credibility and Leadership

The members of EPMF endorse and implement principles and standards that enhance the European precious metals sector’s credibility and leadership. The EPMF keeps its Members informed on the evolving European regulatory landscape and solicits their contribution and support to prepare common positions, statements, and strategies to specific issues.  Member companies, through their contributions to the EPMF, can increase their visibility to relevant stakeholders and strengthen the presence of the precious metals industry in the relevant scientific, socio-economic, political and environmental debates raising the awareness of European citizens and the authorities of the importance of precious metals in their lives and in the European economy.


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