The EPMF Board


Wouter Ghyoot, Umicore NV/SA, Belgium

Dr. Ghyoot is Group Director Sustainable Value Chain. He has held a variety of positions within Umicore throughout his career, some which included the implementation of REACH.  He holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering. He also served as Regulatory Affairs Manager on secondment to the Nickel Institute for two years.



Marius Vigener, Heraeus Precious Metals, Germany

Mr. Vigener is heading the Recycling, Chemical Product and Catalyst Business at Heraeus Precious Metals since 2019. Previously he held various positions at Heraeus and in the PV and automobile industry. He has a university degree in industrial engineering and management.



Clémence Siret, SAFT, France

Ms. Siret is the Corporate Eco-Design & REACH Manager ensuring that the Saft products meet the eco-design requirements of both customers and authorities alike. Previously, she worked at the Research Centres of both Saft and Alcatel Alstom. She holds an engineering degree in Electrochemistry and Materials.


Board Member

Francisco Boo, Metalor Technologies, Switzerland

Mr. Boo is Regulatory Affairs Counsel at Metalor. He has worked on Regulatory Affairs issues for the past 10 years. He holds a Masters in Chemical & Biological Engineering from the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL).


Board Member

Mark Doyle, Johnson Matthey Plc, United Kingdom

Mr. Doyle is PhD and MBA qualified manager with 30 years’ experience in precious metals encompassing Technology Management, Operations Management & Business Management with periods spent leading Johnson Matthey’s global PGM Refining business and a regional PGM Refining & Chemical business in Europe.


Board Member

Jörn Mühlenfeld, Aurubis AG, Germany

Dr. Mühlenfeld is the Environmental Manager and REACH Team Leader. His focus is the coordination of the management system for REACH / chemicals management and assessment, as well as life cycle analysis (LCA) / Environmental Footprint. He holds a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Hanover.


Board Member

Philipp Reisert, C.Hafner GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Dr. Reisert is Chairman of the Board C. Hafner GmbH where he represents the 5th generation of this family-owned company. He is also Chairman of the German association for precious metals. He holds both an MBA and a PhD in Production Controlling from St. Gallen University. Dr. Reisert is active in various boards.


Board Member

York A. Tetzlaff, Fachvereinigung Edelmetalle (FVEM), Germany

Mr. Tetzlaff is Managing Director of the German Precious Metals Federation (FVEM). Previously, he was Head of the Liaison Office of Bavarian Industry Association and later Head of the European Office of German Insurance Association, both based in Brussels. He is an attorney and holds degrees in law and economics from the Universities of Munich and Bayreuth.


Board Member

Holger Zitt, BASF SE, Germany

Dr. Zitt is responsible for Global Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs for Catalysts and Battery Materials at BASF. He holds a PhD from the Universities of Braunschweig and Bordeaux. He served as a member of the Management Committee of European Precious Metal (PMC) from 2015 until its integration into the EPMF. He has been Chairman of Catalysts Europe since 2017.