Anissa Alami Badissi – Welcome

EPMF is pleased to welcome Anissa Alami Badissi to the EPMF team!

As of April 1, 2021 Anissa is our new Scientific Officer. She is a regulatory toxicologist by training and has 7 years of experience gained with Apeiron and the European Insulation Manufacturers Association, EURIMA. Anissa will bring to EPMF all her expertise and knowledge in human health toxicology. She will work on the different scientific regulatory challenges like the EOGRTs on Karstedt Concentrate, the silver dossier, the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), and the Gold and precious metals cyanides testing programs.

β€˜It is a great opportunity for me to join the European Precious Metals Federation. It is a pleasure to be involved in contributing to the overall goals of the EPMF and supporting each member by providing my experience in human toxicology and committee management.’

Do not hesitate to reach out to her at:

Tel: +32 2 7610105
Mobile: +32 484682418