EPMF Event

Mark your agenda now for the event “Conflict and Opportunity: Chemical Management, the Circular Economy and Precious Metals” on 5 December 2018 from 14:00 to 17:00 in Brussels (Radisson Blu, Rue du Fossé aux Loups 47) organised by the European Precious Metals Federation (EPMF).

As industry and business strive for full implementation of REACH and Circular Economy, there are both opportunities and conflicts for precious metals use and reuse.

This conference will look at the benefits of recycling and greater sustainability.  We will also examine the unintended conflicts that are specific to precious metals, trace elements, and the risk management of their use in both industrial and consumer products.

Now is the time to promote greater consistency and better alignment between these two different EU policies to ensure that precious metals can continue to be recycled.

As an example, much of the increased attention and conflict arises from the potential uncontrolled risk for European consumers due to Substances of Very High Concern that may be contained in recycled plastics as impurities.  Potential risk results when contaminants remain in the final recycled product for consumer use.

The recycling of metals, and precious metals in particular, is very different from the other industries. We will use the lifecycles of (two commonly known products – one consumer and one more industrial but related to green growth) to illustrate how the proposed treatment of trace elements under REACH could lead to conflict.  We will search input on solutions that avoid unnecessary impediments to recycling and attainment of the Circular Economy objectives while safeguarding usage by European consumers and protection of the natural environment.

Join the open discussion with our invited panel of speakers from the European Commission, experts from national institutes, and producers of precious metals as we explore the issues and the potential solutions to resolving conflicts.

Policy makers, regulators, and representatives of civil society involved in chemical management and recycling will benefit from a greater understanding of the context of precious metals and the key points that need to be addressed.  Downstream users, importers, and producers will gain a clearer vision of the future potential impacts on their products, customers, and businesses.

Kindly note that registration will close on the 15th of November.



5 December 2018 (from 14:00 to 17:00)
Radisson Blu Brussels
Rue du Fossé aux Loups, 1000, Brussels

14h-14h10 – Welcome by Dr Heinz-Günter Schenzel (C.Hafner, President of EPMF)

14h10-14h20 – Introduction by Mr. Hugo Waeterschoot (Eurometaux, REACH Advisor)

14h20-15h15 – The tools for Precious Metals to turn conflicts into opportunities in the context of Circular Economy and Chemicals Management:

  • Substance in Substance: outcome of the REACH Law study (Mr. Tim Becker, REACH Law)
  • Calculating total health and environment external costs to inform recycling policies: materials and hazardous additives, an example to transpose to Precious Metals processes (Mr. Jean-Marc Brignon, INERIS)

15h15-15h30 – Coffee Break

15h30-16h30 – Panel discussion on conflicts and opportunities between chemicals, waste and products with a focus on Precious Metals production

  • TBC, Expertise Center for Substances, RIVM
  • TBC, DG Environment
  • TBC, DG Growth
  • Matti Vainio, Head of Unit Risk Management, ECHA
  • Egbert Lox, Senior Vice-President Government Affairs, Umicore

16h30-17h00 – Conclusions by Geert Dancet (Independent consultant) and Guy Ethier (Precious Metals Consortium, Chair)

17h – Cocktail