Sustainability Platform

Managers: Zinaida Nazarenko
Chairs: TBC


  • The EU Conflict Minerals Regulation:
    • to ensure a smooth implementation of the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation as an adequate input into the different revisions of the Regulation,
    • to follow the activities related to responsible sourcing at OECD level which could impact the EU Regulation.
  • Circular Economy Action Plan:
    • to provide a better understanding of the EU waste regulations and guidelines,
    • to prepare and ensure adequate contribution of precious metals in scopes of Waste Shipment Regulation and Waste Framework Directive.
  • Overall objective:
    • to exchange and discuss information, knowledge and best practices with Platform Members and external guests,
    • to conduct advocacy strategy and activities towards EU policy makers on topics relevant for the precious metals sector,
    • to ensure a strong and credible responsible sourcing / due diligence and sustainability policy within the precious metals industry,
    • to increase the visibility of precious metals industry, exchange of practice with various stakeholders and industry representatives.