SVHC Roadmap Platform

Managers: Jelle Mertens/France Capon
Chairs: Roland Brasch, Heraeus (Germany)


  • Identify substances of relevance to EPMF impacted by regulatory measures such as REACH and/or Harmonized Classification & Labelling.
  • Identify policy issues of relevance to EPMF in the context of the Roadmap implementation (e.g. RMOA, recycling, REACH review etc.)
  • Conduct advocacy on relevant substances or policy issues in order to prevent or mitigate the potential impacts that the implementation of the Roadmap may have on the Precious Metals Industry.

Substances falling within the remit of this Platform are:

  • Substances which are (intentionally) used in Precious Metals production/recycling (e.g. as reagents or additives)
  • Substances which occur as by-products, impurities or waste generated in Precious Metals production/recycling
  • Substances related to ancillary uses (e.g. RCF’s)